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What to do in Sayulita?

During the last 10 years, Sayulita has seen its community grow by welcoming those who wish to live together in serenity.


This town in the Mexican Pacific is characterized by its colorful streets, its good vibes, its bohemian and recreational activities.


Casa Selva has the proximity and easy access to the different recreational points of Sayulita.


For your comfort, our staff can guide you on these and other activities:

Learn to surf

You will find waves that allow you to surf at any level.

It is one of the experiences that you cannot miss during your stay in Sayulita.

Surfing Friends
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Hiking in the jungle

A good adventure, a physical challenge and the best views await you inside the mountains and the tropical forest. You will see fascinating birds and extraordinary landscapes.


In addition, you can reach other beaches and other towns (such as San Pacho).


The most adventurous will even dare to visit Monkey Mountain.

Walks on the beach

150 meters from Casa Selva, is Sayulita Beach. Going down from Calle Chachalacas or Papagayos, you will find the common staircase that reaches the sea; and just 20 minutes on foot you can enjoy the virgin beaches: Las Cuevas and Mal Paso.


Playa Los Muertos is half an hour away Playa Carricitos and Playa Escondida are also on the perimeters, at an approximate distance of 45 minutes by foot.

Beach Fun

Visits to local markets

From Casa Selva, walk straight down Calle Palmar, bordering the beach, and you will arrive at the center of Sayulita.


The town's market has a lot to offer: locally produced food, Huichol handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, and much more.

Outdoor Market

Golf cart rental

Travel the entire town in a single day with one of these carts. They are very useful in Sayulita, and they also add fun to the experience.

Sailboat Top View

Boat travel

Various companies tour the bay offering the opportunity to take a yacht ride (even private), snorkel, whale watching (in season), among other activities.


You will also find rides on luxury sailboats and providers who offer visits to the famous Marietas Islands, located less than 30 km away from Sayulita.

What to eat in Sayulita?

The international mix that the local inhabitants of Sayulita have given is unique, and is reflected in its restaurants, where various cuisines coexist in perfect harmony with the most traditional of Mexican cuisine.


In this paradise you will find the freshest ingredients, and the casual, relaxed and fun atmosphere that you expected. Our staff will give you excellent recommendations to visit some restaurants.

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